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"I'm really here at Sasfin to build a business. I'm keenly interested in people. What attracts great minds and drives powerful progress. I read about the skills of great leaders and CEOs, and how some individuals have enabled other people to become great - standing on the shoulders of giants. I want others to look back and say, "Flynn Robson helped create a platform that was of real value in people's lives. That's what matters to me." ~ Flynn Robson

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Our new Head of Portfolio Management and Stockbroking, Flynn, is not your typical money manager. While has a serious track record in the industry with a CV that includes four years at Investec as Head of Prime Services, and two years as Managing Director at Alphawealth, he has set his sights on a goal that transcends pure financial returns - the building of trust. Highly skilled in asset management, mutual funds, account management, trading, and financial risk, he places most of his focus on the power of relationships and authenticity - two ingredients that are so easily overlooked in an explosive fintech landscape. "I don't think we have moved to a stage where we are just "two clicks away" from an investment because actually, stock selection is both personal and emotive, it's not like ordering online," he says.

This year, there is little doubt that people's lives are more encompassing, more confusing, and more complex, and investors need someone that can help them navigate these choppy waters, especially given the jagged dimensions of the internet and vast access to information. People have myriad choices to analyse their investments, but who can support them to make (or share) the final investment decision?

"When you are managing people's money, you have to be many things to many people. That's why technology will never take the place of a great money manager, or a wealth manager, because ultimately the spectrum of investments is so great that it comes down to that one thing - trust. Do I believe that this company or person can deliver what they're saying?"

That's why Flynn joined Sasfin, he believes it's invaluable to possess a hundred-year pedigree. "South Africans have to be more worldly, more global. They have a better sense of the markets outside of the continent. They've been forced to invest in greater jurisdictions. You know, when I worked and lived in London, I found very much the investment universe was very London-based because they had a multitude of products there. For that reason, South Africans do need a firm that understands that space has experience in those products so they can help clients carefully plan and pace their investment journey and get exposure to a global portfolio. I'm not advocating that technology doesn't have a role to play. I'm saying it can't replace trust. Authenticity, consistency and personal connection drive confidence. And my focus is to get that even better at Sasfin - applying the right people in the right positions and allowing them to plug into their unique skills and be exceptional. That will then translate into profoundly positive experiences for our clients."

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Flynn Robson
Head of Portfolio Management and Stockbroking, Sasfin Wealth

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