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Mark believes in the practice of happiness. Happiness is not something that comes easily to people, this is not only something that has erupted during Covid, but it may have been exacerbated it.

"On one end, the data and research says that people are becoming less happy as time goes on. Our belief is that this is happening because people haven't been taught to deal with the rich complexity of the world that we currently live in.

Thanks to technology, the world has more abundance than ever before, and thanks to medical science, people can live longer than ever. Yet more people die from drug and opioid abuse than ever before, and even worse, more people are committing suicide than at any other time in recorded history!"

Watch this video to gain insights into how you can become the best version of yourself by creating your own happiness. 

Mark Sham and Sasfin have collaborated to create the Small Business Showcase where we are able to share stories about small businesses that do amazing things! You can view these videos on the Small Business Showcase tab on the Sasfin content hub. 

About the Author

Mark Sham
Founder and CEO, Suits and Sneakers

Mark is a passionate speaker who addresses audiences around the globe about being better prepared for the future. He runs a social learning club called Suits & Sneakers that brings together lifelong learners passionate about becoming better versions of themselves. He is creating a new type of education system that young people can use at no cost because every one deserves a shot at being somebody!

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