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From epidemic to advancement


Sometimes it’s good to think about the last two years and consider how far we’ve come. Remember how fragile we were mentally and emotionally? Recall all the lessons we’ve had to learn, how we’ve become so much more resilient and adaptable? Not by choice, but due to necessity. Well, it’s time to take those lessons and stride out into the new year, so we can overcome any further adversity the world brings us and manifest a positive 2022.


As we mentioned, your Healthcare consulting team at Sasfin is focusing this year on the theme of mental positivity and manifestation, actively seeking out all those things we’re grateful for in our lives right now, plus making goals for the future. But what is manifestation exactly? Essentially, manifestation is about bringing something tangible and real into your life through attraction and your beliefs. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

  1. Read a book

Self-improvement doesn’t happen in a vacuum, we need to learn from others, as this is how we grow. Instead of aimless social media scrolling each night before bed, buy a book or listen to a podcast on topics you’re interested in. Clinical Psychologist Julie Smith’s new book, Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?, gives you handy tools to deal with life’s ups and downs, including powerful coping techniques to help you stay positive and resilient. While Bréne Brown’s new book Atlas of the Heart, will provide you with the skills to establish meaningful connections and be courageous in your own life.

  1. Share what you know

While you can certainly continue to learn from others, at some stage you may begin to realise that you have wisdom or experience of your own to share. Perhaps you’ve reached a stage in your career where you have insights that would benefit younger people in your company who are just starting out? Or, maybe you could mentor someone from a previously disadvantaged community who could do with another positive role model? There are many opportunities in our country to share what you know with others – Sasfin sponsors the following non-profit organisations and would welcome any additional support if you have the capacity this year to reach out.

  1. Make a vision board

If the thought of a vision board sounds too esoteric for you, you don’t have to go the whole hog. While some people enjoy pinning inspirational ideas off Pinterest, or cutting out pictures from magazines that represent all they want from the future (in the form of a vision board), you can choose a simpler method.


What is one clearly defined goal that you want to achieve this year? Don’t say “to get fitter” because that’s not immediately tangible and too vague to be practical. Rather frame it as “I want to run my first 10km race,” or maybe it’s “Save up enough to finally buy a new laptop”, or even “Get that dream job as a Marketing Manager at xxx company.” Write that specific statement down on a real piece of paper and stick it somewhere you can see it and read it every day (your fridge, your office). It will start to filter into your subconscious, and you’ll find yourself making plans to get there. Because after all, if we don’t know exactly what we want out of life, how are we supposed to take steps to make it happen?

  1. Journal or gratitude list

Not everyone likes writing but don’t overthink the productive action of journaling. Simply find a blank page and scribble down your thoughts each day, at the end or the beginning, or whenever you can find time. It doesn’t have to sound good, and nobody’s going to read it, so use it as a cathartic exercise. Journaling has proven health benefits of reducing stress, strengthening immune response, and improving cognitive function. If you don’t want to journal, then try naming out loud one or two things you’re grateful for each day, either to your partner or children, or someone at work. Gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness, something we’re all working towards.


As you can tell, manifestation doesn’t happen without your input – but we hope these tips will help you craft a fresh mindset for this year, so you can start moving past the pandemic to that life you want.


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Charleen Rix
Head of Healthcare, Sasfin Wealth

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