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The value of employee social media engagement for brand awareness

In the digital age, social media is the first point of contact for information and an essential component of our everyday lives. The interaction between technology and business has become a self-sustaining cycle, changing how businesses conduct themselves, how they engage with audiences through content, and, as a result, driving businesses to be influential through these technologies.

Businesses have recognized the value of social media in building a strong brand image and communicating with consumers, prospects and employees. However, the value of employee social media engagement for brand exposure and reputation is typically underestimated. There is immense power in employee social media interaction with their company for brand recognition and reputation.

Employees are your strongest brand ambassadors; They are an excellent tool for companies to improve their brand image and reputation, and they are the most outspoken brand advocates. Engaged employees are more likely to share their positive experiences with their friends and family on social media. The more employees share their company's material on social media, the more likely it is to be seen by potential consumers, increase brand exposure which can lead to greater organic reach, and build trust and credibility for the company's brand.

While just around 3% of employees post company-related content, such shares are responsible for a 30% boost in a company's total engagement.

Some fundamental aspects to consider if you want to increase employee engagement.

    • First and foremost, content collaboration with your employees. Encourage technical specialists and thought leaders to develop content within the organization. Your employees are your ambassadors, creators, and consumers of your product or service and therefore your content requires to be authentic and relatable.
    • Second, diversify the type of content created, and the platforms is key to knowing what works effectively for your brand. A short video has a different impact on Twitter than an opinion piece. A Portfolio Manager is unlikely to consume the content as an IT professional.
    • Finally, notify your employees of the content and reciprocate the engagement they offer. This shines the spotlight to your internal communications strategy and channels.

As a result, this power comes with huge responsibility. Employee engagement is important to businesses, but employees must be careful in how they interact on these platforms. Furthermore, negative comments or criticism from employees can damage the company's brand image and reputation. A social media policy needs to be in place to mitigate negativity while also serving as a valuable guide for employees to appropriately represent your business and brand. Build a healthy culture and encourage engagement - these tools will be a sure way to get your employees posting and showing off how proud they are of their company.

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