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The Sasfin Wishlist: Fostering Community Support Within

The Sasfin Wishlist initiative emerges as a beacon of optimism in our corporate community, that enables us to respond to our colleagues’ private challenges with empathy and action.

At the heart of the program is a desire to nurture a culture of giving back and supporting one another, which is not just encouraged, but is a fundamental part of the corporate ethos. This initiative serves as a reminder that businesses have the power and responsibility to make a significant impact on the lives of their employees, beyond the confines of traditional financial success. By fostering an environment of mutual support, we aim to demonstrate that corporate success is not solely measured by profit margins but also by the well-being and support provided to its members.

Inspiration Behind The Sasfin Wishlist

According to Linda Fröhlich, Chief Executive of Asset Finance , the notion that 'Before we look outside, we need to look internally' captures the true spirit of The Sasfin Wishlist. This project, inspired by the principle that 'charity begins at home', demonstrates our dedication to assisting our colleagues during difficult times.

Linda's leadership in this endeavour reflects a broader vision for the corporate environment, one where the well-being of employees is integral to the success of the organisation. The program embodies this vision, offering a blueprint for how businesses can nurture a supportive and caring workplace. It's a call to action for all members of the Sasfin community to look beyond their roles, to see the human stories within their midst, and to extend a hand in solidarity. Through this initiative, Sasfin affirms its role not just as a financial institution, but as a pillar of support for its people, proving that true strength lies in unity and the willingness to support one another through life's challenges.

Extending Support Beyond Business

The initiative, spearheaded by Linda Fröhlich and Genie Olivier within the Asset Finance division, is designed to help employees encountering financial distress or unforeseen emergencies—ranging from school fees and medical bills to basic necessities.

Funded generously by Sasfin staff members through monthly contributions, voluntary debit orders, and fundraising efforts, the initiative also benefits from renting out Sasfin's picturesque fourteenth-floor deck in Sandton for events, with all proceeds directly bolstering the Wishlist Fund.

The Sasfin Wishlist does more than just provide immediate financial assistance; it creates a ripple effect that encourages a culture of kindness, empathy, and community engagement.

Operationalising Compassion: How The Wishlist Works

The impact of this initiative is profound and far-reaching. One memorable effort saw the Sasfin team come together to support a colleague suddenly responsible for a young niece, resulting in an overwhelming donation of baby clothes. In another act of solidarity, Linda and Genie coordinated transport for an ailing staff member to receive urgent medical care in Zimbabwe. Although the journey was bittersweet, as the individual passed away before treatment could be administered, their efforts ensured he was reunited with his family, highlighting the profound difference a united workforce can make.

The Sasfin Wishlist not only illustrates the power of collective action within a corporate setting but also sets a precedent for how companies can foster a genuinely supportive community. It transcends professional boundaries, creating a network of support that significantly changes individuals' lives.

Through initiatives like the Wishlist, Sasfin redefines the essence of corporate responsibility, emphasising the importance of internal community support alongside business success. It serves as a beacon of hope and a model for other organisations, proving that compassion and business can indeed go hand in hand.

Discover More About The Sasfin Wishlist: Watch Our Video

Dive deeper into the heart and soul of The Sasfin Wishlist through our video interview. Gain insights directly from the founder, Linda Fröhlich and Chief Marketing Officer Elisheva Gilbert, and hear firsthand the profound impact this initiative has on the lives of our staff members. From touching success stories to an in-depth look at how the Wishlist operates, this video will give you a closer look at how Sasfin is making a tangible difference within our community. Whether it's providing financial support during emergencies or fostering a culture of compassion and support, The Sasfin Wishlist embodies our commitment to looking inward and caring for our own. Click play to see how together, we're building a stronger, more supportive Sasfin community.

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