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Adopt A Swimmer is more than just a swimming programme — it’s a lifeline for children facing adversities. Founded by Louise Auersperg in 2011 with a vision to turn pools into sanctuaries of hope for children who had never dreamed of swimming. With minimal resources or funds, the early days of Adopt A Swimmer saw Louise picking up school children and driving them to the local swimming pool herself. She recalls gathering donations of equipment such as swimming caps, costumes, and towels. Slowly, she built Adopt A Swimmer into the organisation it is, and to date Adopt A Swimmer has helped more than 800 children.

Louise’s personal journey, marked by struggles and triumphs, laid the foundation for Adopt A Swimmer. “I really believe that personal struggles can provide the necessary drive and passion needed to make a positive impact and change in the world,” she says. Driven by her own experiences with epilepsy and learning disabilities, Louise recognised the transformative power of swimming in unlocking the potential of children facing similar challenges. She shares, “My own struggle drove and inspired me to reach out to children who don’t have opportunities.” Together with her team, Adopt A Swimmer is educating generations of children and helping them reach their potential to do more than they thought they ever could.

“A Stroke of Confidence is a Lifetime of Empowerment”

Adopt A Swimmer operates from the Plettenberg Playhouse and Fitness Centre in Plettenberg Bay, and offers not just swimming lessons, but a nurturing environment where children from all backgrounds can thrive. Transport challenges are met head-on, ensuring no child is left behind. “We try to reach as many areas in Plettenberg Bay as possible. But transport is a huge issue,” Louise explains, highlighting the organisation’s dedication to accessibility of pools. However, they’re not just swimming pools. They run sessions on the beachfront at the local lagoon to educate the youth on tides, safety, and swimming in rough seas.

Over the years, Adopt A Swimmer has enabled magical milestones for its swimmers. From a terminally ill student experiencing the thrill of surfing, to young lifesavers representing South Africa on the global stage, the programme has been instrumental in shaping futures. Louise fondly remembers these milestones, saying, “It’s incredibly rewarding to know that we’ve played a role in such achievements”.

Sasfin has been a partner of Adopt A Swimmer since 2014. Beyond financial support, Sasfin’s unwavering commitment and encouragement have fuelled Adopt A Swimmer’s mission, touching the lives of countless children and fostering a sense of family within the organisation.

“Their partnership has had a significant impact on our efforts to impact the kids in the community,” Louise emphasises. “It’s not just the financial support, but the words of encouragement and input they have in my life personally.”

As the journey of Adopt A Swimmer continues to unfold, it serves as a testament to the power of resilience, compassion, and community. Every stroke in the pool becomes a symbol of empowerment, every lesson a ray of hope for a better future. Through unwavering dedication and heartfelt collaboration, Louise Auersperg and her team continue to make waves of change, one swimmer at a time. As Louise aptly puts it, “Every little bit makes up a pool of people that can work together. It doesn’t matter what you do; you might not think you’re making a difference, but you are.”

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