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Who is Ort Jet?

ORT JET was established in 2006 to support, uplift and empower small to medium-sized businesses, knowing that this is critical to the functioning of the South African economy. The idea is that so much knowledge, resources and skills already exist within the business community and if these are shared more widely with entrepreneurs, we can help more business owners achieve financial growth and stability. The programme enables participants to develop their entrepreneurial skills and get access to top mentors who will help them grow their businesses. It specifically addresses the administrative and behavioural barriers that contribute to the high failure rate in starting and sustaining a business.

How does Sasfin get involved?

We’ve partnered with this organisation for over six years, sponsoring the cost of their holistic learning programme to SA beneficiaries each year. The ORT Jet Programme offers the unique and proactive solution to the challenges facing business people in a tough economic climate through Training, Mentoring and Networking. ORT Jet endeavours to help small businesses adapt and change their workflows and processes for maximum success. We have also hosted many events at Sasfin offices with Roland Sassoon (founder and former CEO of Sasfin Holdings Limited), Michael Sassoon (CEO of Sasfin Holdings Limited), Francois Otto (Head of Sasfin Capital) and most recently Elisheva Gilbert (Head of Group Marketing and Communications), providing learnings and growth to the mentors who volunteer their time for training and coaching.

“We’re thankful for the continued support from Sasfin and look forward to continuing the collaboration going forward, so that together we can continue to make an everlasting impact through education and in entrepreneurs’ lives.” Ariellah Rosenberg, CEO ORT SA

How has Sasfin made a difference?

ORT SA’s relationship with Sasfin Bank over the years has been instrumental in upskilling entrepreneurs, so that they can sustain viable and successful businesses. This mentorship and business training is increasingly vital in a fast changing world. The expertise and insight given by our Sasfin experts in ORT Jet training sessions has given the participants key takeaways, inspiration and the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

About the Author

Terri Katz
Marketing and CSR Manager, Sasfin

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