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A thrilling convergence of sportsmanship and philanthropy recently unfolded as Sasfin Wealth proudly presented the Sasfin Wealth Padel Cup in collaboration with ORT SA, a key beneficiary of our corporate social responsibility efforts. Beyond the realm of sports, this event symbolized a cohesive community rallying for a shared purpose – to drive positive transformation within our communities.

At Sasfin Wealth, our commitment to meaningful change, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility underpins every stride we take. This exceptional tournament highlights how embracing both enjoyment and altruism can impact society profoundly.

Transcending the conventional notion of money, Sasfin Wealth is dedicated to empowering our clients to realize their global investment aspirations, retire with dignity, and etch enduring legacies.

The essence of this tournament resonates with our drive to amplify ORT SA's noble cause – fostering an empowering framework for budding entrepreneurs and visionary minds in South Africa. ORT Jet, an arm of ORT SA, endeavours to nurture employable skills and knowledge. By championing business expansion and financial solidity among SMEs through diverse financial and educational initiatives, ORT SA's mission harmonizes seamlessly with our own.

Padel, an exhilarating racquet sport that blends tennis and squash, has garnered global acclaim as a rapidly growing sensation. Amidst this dynamic backdrop, the Sasfin Wealth Padel Cup united teams from diverse corporations for a day brimming with camaraderie, competition, and goodwill. This joyous gathering contributed significantly to ORT SA’s goal, raising an impressive sum of nearly R350,000. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the corporations, participants, donors, spectators, and all those who played pivotal roles in the triumph of this event. Special commendation goes to 10by20 Padel Club, Decathlon South Africa, FILA, and Killarney Country Club for their invaluable contributions.

To relive the vibrancy and success of the Sasfin Wealth Padel Cup, watch the recap video below.

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Cobus du Preez
Head: Marketing, Sasfin Wealth

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