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Africa Cleaning Services (ACS) is a family-owned business that is the epitome of everything small and mid-sized businesses can do for our economy: It’s a growing employer, its main objective is to build employees up and hire previously unemployed people and supports other businesses in their growth journeys.

Here’s what that looks like in practice.

  1. Rob Smith joined ACS in 2013. Founded by two of his cousins in 2009, ACS was a steadily growing residential cleaning business. Today, it has branched into corporate cleaning as well, supporting property management clients and facility owners.
  2. This growth is an important lesson for all small businesses. ACS focuses on growing with its clients by providing such a good service that there is a knock-on effect to how well their clients do business and the repeat deals they secure.
  3. From a people management perspective, the goal is to enrich South Africa through employment opportunities. This is done by providing unemployed South Africans with jobs, but it’s also through the upskilling of employees. Many of ACS’ area managers, who today manage teams of up to 60 people, began as cleaners at the company.
  4. The entire business is founded on trust. Rob is a firm believer that if you pick the right team and have great managers behind you, you can get through any challenge.


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