Kendell Simon’s Clay Café is already a firm community favourite

When visitors leave Clay Café Lonehill after a session of painting ceramics, eating, drinking, relaxing and enjoying themselves, owner Kendell Simon often hears the same words: ‘That was so therapeutic.’

It’s why so many people in Lonehill are making Clay Café a regular experience, over and above the end-of-year functions, bridal showers and birthdays that the ceramic painting restaurant regularly hosts.

It’s the hallmark of a great business: addressing and solving a need so that people learn to love your brand.

It’s also why Clay Café Lonehill is the fourth store, with the original still operating in Hout Bay 25 years after it launched.

Kendell’s business has enjoyed incredible growth, and in just six short months her staff count has doubled from 15 to 32 people.

Here are the lessons she has to share with fellow aspiring business owners:

  • Just start – you will never know everything, you need to learn it on the job. So don’t delay – our small business owners are important employers!
  • Figure out by doing. Once you’re walking the walk you’ll be amazed at how much you learn on the job. Kendell’s example? Plumbing! And yet she soon figured out who to hire, what advice was good and bad and what her new business needed during construction.
  • People are just people. When you treat your employees with respect, you’ll earn the same from them.

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