Shara Mordt of Fabric Bank grows SA's textile market

Shara Mordt launched the Fabric Bank five years ago because she recognized a key need in the local textile industry – her local choices were few and far between, and she was resorting to trying to source international fabrics. Minimum quantities were huge, the process was difficult and expensive, and she disliked the fact that she wasn’t supporting local.


Fabric Bank is that rare breed of business that solves multiple problems because it creates a golden thread linking different target audiences.


The first target market is anyone who needs fabrics or wallpaper, from interior designers to fashion designers. Fabric Bank caters to both local and international customers.


The second target audience are creators – interior designers, graphic designers, street artists, anyone who can design a beautiful pattern that can be printed on fabric or wallpaper. It’s a stunning addition to the Creator’s Economy, helping creatives to monetise their talents and share their designs with the world.


Thanks to the printing technology available today, this can be as large as supplying a big business (such as a homeware company with beautiful cushion covers), or as small as printing fabric and making a unique dress.


We love entrepreneurs who are so passionate about sharing what South Africa and Africa has to offer the world, particularly a business like Fabric Bank that links our creatives to potential local and international customers. We look forward to seeing how Shara continues to grow this under-developed market.


Watch the full video here:


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Elisheva Gilbert
Chief Marketing Officer, Sasfin Holdings Limited

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