How Kym Stafford discovered the power of niches

Kym Stafford, founder of Dolce Vita Beauty Centre, took what many business owners would consider to be a big risk. She niched down, making the big decision to become a business that only caters to women.


It’s a choice that many business owners are unable to make, choosing to try and be everything to everyone, and never saying no to business instead. This is true of B2C and B2B businesses and it can often lead to entrepreneurs diluting their focus and failing to secure a strong and loyal fanbase.


Kym’s experience has been the exact opposite. Kym first realized that there was a market that was uncatered to while speaking to a friend. Her religion meant that she could not enter salons where there could potentially be men.


It was a big decision, but Kym’s gut instinct has proven correct. There’s a large audience of women who like the idea of a female-only space and even though Kym has technically cut down her target market, she’s grown as a result.


It’s a great lesson for other business owners to take to heart – people want to support personalized businesses and services that they feel cater to their unique needs. Sometimes, niche may seem ‘smaller’, but the appeal is actually much broader.


What I also love about Kym’s business is the fact that she has customers who have been with her for ten years, since she launched in 2012. Kym’s philosophy is that business is a journey. Solving a customer’s problem today is as important as the support you give her thereafter. This requires a strong focus on customer service and relationship building, something that Kym believes saved the business during Covid’s lockdowns, as loyal customers kept supporting the beauty centre even though there were few new customers walking through the doors.


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Elisheva Gilbert
Chief Marketing Officer, Sasfin Holdings Limited

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