Dunkeld honey making a difference, one bee at a time

Our latest two entrepreneurs, Tom Fenn and Britni Oberholzer are 25 and 24 years old and an incredible example of how not only entrepreneurs, but our youth are focusing on how they can change our world.

We often hear how the youth today don’t want to ‘be something’ when they grow up – instead, they want to solve a problem, which lies at the heart of entrepreneurship.

Tom and Britni might both be studying law, but they have a passion for the environment and giving back with the skills and knowledge they have, and that’s exactly what they are doing with Dunkeld Honey.

Dunkeld Honey was born as a side passion project during Covid. As environmentalists, Tom and Britni had an interest in beekeeping, but it wasn’t until they found out about Morgan Freeman’s bee farm that they started taking the idea of using their farm in Dullstroom to breed bees seriously.

They began with one hive, and the rest is history. They currently have 70 hives, have produced their first batch of honey and are not only making an impact on the local bee population, but local communities as well.

Before Dunkeld Honey, local community members would often kill bees to access honey in hives. Today, through Tom and Britni’s training, they have a team who love beekeeping, are educating their community to protect bees, and thanks to teamwork, the local bee population is being regenerated and protected. True social entrepreneurs, Tom and Britni aren’t in it for the money – they are here for the bees and the difference they can make.

There’s another great lesson in Britni and Tom’s story though, which is that anyone can do anything they put their minds to.

Thanks to Youtube and a plethora of information online, anyone can take their passion, start from scratch and build a business. It’s a brave new world filled with opportunities.

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