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People before profits. It’s not a new concept. Many business philosophies focus on the human side of business, from servant leadership models to the simple rule to always put the customer first. Through The Cookery, founder Paul Maciel has seen the power of the truth behind this mantra.

Paul launched The Cookery seven years ago after a succession of successful companies. His new business concept was different. Building businesses from the ground up had taught Paul two key things: he wanted to create and deliver meaningful human transactions and he wanted to live his passion every day – not just run a business.

Growing up in a loud, social kitchen with lots of energy taught Paul how natural and fun cooking could be. The stars aligned when he met his business partner, Emilio Coccia and convinced him to join the business.

All the ingredients for The Cookery were in place: the passion, the idea, and the philosophy of delivering meaningful human transactions and then the financial transactions would follow if an incredible product and experience was delivered.

Today, The Cookery does it all, from corporate team building cooking lessons to intimate Valentine’s Day evenings and even bachelorette parties. The lesson is clear – create the right environment, and customers will come, tell each other about you, and bring repeat business.

Always, we return to the idea of people at the heart of why we do business. At Sasfin, this resonates deeply with us. Our teams dedicate a huge amount of time and energy to understanding business owners and their needs, challenges and experiences. In Paul and Emilio, we see the same dedication to delivery on their customers’ needs and desires.

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