BCKRDS is making in-roads in the corporate and cultural design worlds

Samukele (Samu) Belle, managing director of BCKRDS, and his team want to add value to the world by being present, consistent and providing excellent service. Their refreshing take on brand and design has caught the eye of big corporates including Telkom, MTN and Sasfin. “Along with big business we also do big culture. We like to get involved in cultural plays meaning what is out and about in the culture. We have done work for Wanda Lephoto and President Honey,” says Samu.

He says the pandemic had an impact on business but there were definitely more positives than negatives. “Luckily, as a small business we were able to be agile. We had no fixed overheads. It forced us to experiment with remote working and we had to spring right into it. Fortunately, a project we had applied for the year before came through and that really saved us.”

Samu says many businesses are moving into the digital space and there is a huge demand for digital platforms. Many corporates are going through a rebranding process. This has meant new business opportunities for BCKRDS. “Businesses are going through significant changes so we are helping companies manage their image and move through the change from a design perspective,” he explains.

When looking at future goals, Samu says ultimately, he would like to scale the business and bring people onboard on a permanent basis. With relationships now established with clients he believes this will become a reality. He also plans to build a wider network.

“We are passionate about design and creating meaningful products and brands that people want to engage with. This is what really drives us. We want to make an impact on the world and leave our mark in this way,” he says.

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