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Our partnership with Mark Sham and the Small Business Showcase is all about highlighting small businesses and how they can support other small and mid-sized businesses. Ultimately, a thriving SME ecosystem is excellent for South Africa’s economy and that’s our focus.


It’s even better when we get to profile a business that we’ve seen in action, which is exactly what this episode is about – when Mark Sham’s house was broken into and his MacBook was stolen he couldn’t replace it – there was simply no stock available.


Rey de Beer, the founder of MacShack reached out to Mark through Facebook and offered to help. Not only could MacShack order a new MacBook, but they had a loan unit that Mark could use in the meantime, ensuring that his workflow wasn’t interrupted.


Matching solutions to needs


Every great business offers products and solutions that solve key customer challenges and that’s exactly what Rey has done. He’s a self-proclaimed ‘techie’ who is passionate about all things tech, but he understands that most people are not. Sure, we rely on technology and we’re all always connected. We can’t do our jobs without our devices. But as he astutely points out, that doesn’t mean we understand how many RAMs we need or gigabytes of memory. We just want a device that suits our workload needs and is reliable.


That’s where MacShack comes in. Rey’s business model isn’t to sell the most expensive products. Instead, his team work closely with customers to determine what their workloads are and which laptops or MacBooks are best suited to their needs. Because the business sells new and pre-owned options there is always an affordable choice as well.


As an entrepreneur, Rey also has some great advice to offer his fellow entrepreneurs. We’ve all been through two extremely fast-paced years. It’s easy to be so busy in your business, scrambling to keep things moving and working, that you forget to slow down and focus on what’s important.


“It’s important to slow down,” he says. “We end up neglecting parts of the business when we get too distracted by the race. It’s okay to focus and calm down and look for strategic wins. If you focus on the right things at the right time opportunities will present themselves.” We couldn’t agree more.

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