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Sammy Sibanda, founder of Sammy’s Mobile Massages, is exactly the type of entrepreneur whom we partnered with Mark Sham in the Small Business Showcase to support.


An independent mobile masseuse, Sammy will come to your home and give you an epic massage. But, like all small business owners, she relies on word-of-mouth marketing to grow her business. That’s how Mark was introduced to her – through a friend who recommended her.


Sammy didn’t start out as an entrepreneur. She started as a cleaner at a local spa, got promoted to receptionist, and then trained to become a masseuse. After gaining some experience in the industry, she decided to start her own business, and to launch without overheads she devised a business model where she goes to her clients’ houses. Today, she gets booked for a variety of massages, manicures, and pedicures.


It’s working well because Sammy understands the key to any good business – customer service. “Being loyal to your clients is important,” she says. “If you are loyal to them and consistently deliver great service, they will be loyal to you.”


To enjoy this very special edition of the Small Business Showcase, watch the video



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