How a Claudia launched her business during the pandemic


Cláudia Robson started dabbling in photography while she was completing her graphic design course. She became a full-time graphic designer but carried on doing photography on the side with a rented camera. Entrepreneurship – and making photography her career – were not on the cards.


And then Covid-19 hit and like so many people across different sectors and industries, Cláudia was made redundant.


Unemployed in the middle of a pandemic, Cláudia could have panicked. At the very least she could have looked for another job. Instead, she decided to focus on her passion and launched Claudia Takes Photos, a wedding and lifestyle photography business based in Johannesburg.


How did she do it? Well, for starters, she worked for free with local photographers to learn the ins and outs of wedding photography. She also connected online with photographers from around the world to share ideas and support each other.


And in the middle of one of the most uncertain and disrupted times in recent history, she has started to build a name and a brand for herself.


Cláudia’s attitude is that there is opportunity everywhere, even during the tough times. So many people are focused on what they can’t do during this difficult time. This episode of the Small Business Showcase celebrates the people who make things happen when conditions aren’t great. It’s people like Cláudia that give others permission to do the same because of their actions.

Here are Cláudia’s top lessons:

  • Get out there. Make connections because today’s free gig could be tomorrow’s incredible contract
  • Look for where you can add value (to yourself, your business and your network)
  • Stay busy and create from nothing by upgrading your skill set
  • Stay positive. Not always easy, but positive mindset is a choice.


You can support Cláudia Robson by:

  • Visiting her website
  • Following the Claudia Takes Photos Facebook page
  • Liking and Sharing this video

Watch the full video below:

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