Roscoe Dekker launched TTT with his dad, and we love how much he enjoys working with family, and how proud he is that it’s a family business – it’s proof that for entrepreneurs, there is no separation between personal and professional. The two work seamlessly together, and the support that entrepreneurs receive should take that into account.

Today, TTT Tax Services employs 50 people and assists 10 000 clients. These include SMEs and individuals, although TTT’s purpose is the same for both – to increase tax efficiency and help people put money back into their pockets (particularly during such trying times) and businesses invest cash back into the growth of their companies.


Passion and purpose


In this episode of the Small Business Showcase, Roscoe shares three great lessons with us:

1. Care about your clients

As Roscoe says, he likes tax, but he loves his clients, and his team is the same. Everyone at TTT has one goal: to save their clients money by helping them to understand where they can be more tax efficient. When you are passionate and have a purpose, every day is fulfilling and rewarding.

2. Take tax seriously

Getting your tax wrong can harm your business (and your individual bank balance), but you can also become more tax efficient. Working with professionals is a win-win situation, because the return on investment of getting your tax right is completely worth it – it shouldn’t be a grudge purchase.

3. Leverage expertise

Every business specialises in something. As SMEs, focusing on what you are good at and then work with partners in the areas that you are not an expert in. This allows everyone to grow.


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