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Arno Lawrenz, the highly experienced and award winning Chief Investment Officer, explains, “This year, the fact that we have been nominated for two different awards and won for each of the funds shows the depth of expertise and capability as a multi-asset solution provider. These funds require a blend of expertise across asset classes, and it points to the depth of resources across the equity and fixed income space.”


Lawrenz took the helm of Sasfin Asset Managers at the end of 2020. "I feel integrated into the business already. The first few months have been amazing in terms of client and team engagement and I have seen the level of experience this team has which is now being rewarded by the industry with these wins. Importantly, longer term investors like pension funds want to know about the sustainability of performance, which means they want to know it is repeatable, and this directly speaks to consistency and expertise that these wins point to.”


Robust process 


“The fund combines practical asset allocation decision-making with a deliberate risk-conscious mindset, and we are therefore quite pleased to see that the fund has been awarded not only on performance but also on its risk awareness. The award recognises risk and performance over various time frames which speaks to the funds’ consistency of solid performance delivery but not any cost and without having to assume excess risk,” he adds.


Sasfin Asset Managers investment philosophy is fostered around pillars such as identifying global macroeconomic themes, appropriate asset allocation, managing risk and controlling costs, where the belief is that these are some of the “core drivers” necessary to achieve sustainable, compounding returns over the long term. 


“We believe that the biggest risk to a client is not meeting their intended long-term objective and therefore capital is deployed such that there is a greater certainty in terms of realising these objectives rather than just allocating based on historic returns. 


The fund also employs a multi-strategy approach in that the portfolio construction process incorporates and advocates the use of both indexation and active management, as the belief is that both have a role in achieving client investment objectives in a cost-effective manner,” he says.


Quality and credibility


“The past year has been incredibly unpredictable with difficult markets, unique pandemic challenges and economic uncertainty, all of which have posed serious challenges to even the most sophisticated of investors. Against this backdrop, our winners were still able to deliver solid performance relative to their peers in tough market conditions.” said Tal Nieburg, Managing Director for Morningstar South Africa.

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Arno Lawrenz
Chief Investment Officer, Sasfin Wealth

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