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Exciting Announcement - Sasfin BCI High Yield Fund assigned an AA- (ZA)(f) credit rating by GCR Ratings

The Sasfin BCI High Yield Fund has been assigned an inaugural AA- (ZA)(f) credit rating by GCR Ratings (GCR).

GCR has established itself as the leading rating agency in Africa, accounting for the majority of all ratings accorded on the African continent. GCR's ratings have a profound impact on the expansion of Africa's financial markets as they offer essential analysis of credit across various sectors. To reinforce GCR's position as a prominent source of reliable and impartial credit assessments for African markets, Moody's Corporation acquired a controlling 51% ownership in GCR in 2022.

The Sasfin BCI High Yield Fund is an income generating portfolio with the objective to achieve a high level of sustainable income and stability of capital invested. This is the second Sasfin fund to be rated by GCR, with the Sasfin BCI Optimal Income Fund being the first.

Factors that are considered in issuing a rating include the following;

  • Credit quality,
  • Liquidity, maturity, and interest rate risk,
  • Management assessment,
  • Performance and
  • Track record.

Funds grouped in the AA+, AA and AA- ratings category can be described as follows:

  • Very strong creditworthiness of the obligator/obligation.
  • Very high credit quality relative to other issuers or obligations in the same country.
  • Possess very low levels of risk and demonstrate low to moderate volatility.

The objective of the Sasfin BCI High Yield Fund is to provide investors with high levels of income, very low capital volatility while preserving capital. Watch the video below to learn more about this investment strategy.

Speaking on this prestigious recognition, Sasfin Asset Managers’ Chief Investment Officer, Arno Lawrenz said; “We are very pleased with the AA- rating for the High Yield Fund, which reflects our commitment to manage the fund in a prudent manner throughout the interest rate cycle.  Prudency however does not mean we sacrifice performance, and the Raging Bull Award that the Fund received recently is testimony to that.”

This rating further demonstrates that the fund is being managed in accordance with the above objective and fulfilling the appropriate risk at the appropriate time mindset.

“We applaud our formidable investment team for their hard work and for continuously aiming to provide sound investment philosophy and research to better improve our funds, further adds, Lawrenz.

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Ntombi Ntanzi
Content & PR Specialist, Sasfin Wealth

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