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Francois De Wet grew up with medical issues and a heart condition, and the experience taught him at a young age that he wanted to live a life of meaning and purpose. Since then, he’s always focused on what really energises him and every decision he’s made has intentionally looked to add value to his own life and those around him.


Like all great entrepreneurs, Francois launched Wamly because of a problem he was facing – he sat through an entire day of interviews, only to discover that not a single candidate was as glamorous as their CV. An entire day wasted, for Francois and the candidates.


When faced with a problem though, Francois soon moved from the question ‘why do we keep doing interviews like this?’  to ‘how can we do it better?’ – and more importantly, how can our solution help other businesses and candidates. After all, if you have a problem, there’s a strong chance someone else has the same problem too.


Streamlined solutions for the future

The result is Wamly, video interview software that enables candidates to do one-way interviews that recruiters can review them in their own time. This cuts the recruitment process from months to days and interviews from hours to minutes.


Francois’s aha moment was when he realised that internet banking replaced cheques – why can’t software replace fruitless face-to-face interviews?


He developed a self-sufficient platform that lets users set up interview questions and parameters and then the software takes over, facilitating recorded interviews that the client doesn’t need to be there for.


The best part of Wamly is that it uses technology to solve problems for society, bringing greater efficiency to the entire interview process. But like all great solutions, it also becomes more relevant as time passes. Pre-Covid, Wamly was a nice-to-have. Now in many ways it’s a must, facilitating remote interviews but also conceivably gig opportunities going forward, particularly as skilled employees choose to move out of cities and to work remotely. Wamly will enable SMEs and enterprises alike to find and engage with those skilled individuals.


More than that, it’s enabling people in remote locations who previously struggled to afford to travel for an interview that did not guarantee employment. Now, someone in an informal settlement can do a Wamly interview on their phone – Francois’s solution is democratising employment in South Africa, something we desperately need.


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