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In this episode, Mark Sham leaves his studio and takes us to the IV Bar to share his personal experience of overcoming the brain fog that was a result of Covid-19.


“How our bodies respond to Covid isn’t in our control,” he says. “I was lucky enough to have relatively mild symptoms, but the brain fog following my recovering was terrible. We can control how we look after ourselves, though, and that’s what led me to try the IV Bar.”


IV vitamins made such an impact to Mark’s energy levels and mental clarity that he’s invited us along to enjoy the lounge-like atmosphere of the IV Bar as its founder, Kerry Rudolph, takes us through the benefits of IV vitamins and how the different drips can help anyone whose lifestyle lends itself to stress, exhaustion and anxiety, and how she’s pivoting the business to help Covid patients.


From preventative to reparative healthcare

“I came up with the IV Bar concept because I’ve always believed in IV vitamins, but I didn’t enjoy the experience when I went to my doctor for my monthly drip. The benefits didn’t match the process,” explains Kerry.


She also knew that unless you were familiar with the concept, you probably wouldn’t ask your doctor for an IV vitamin drip, which meant that a large section of the population was missing out on an incredible immune and energy-boosting solution to the stresses of modern life.


Two years after launching IV Bar the pandemic hit, and now Kerry’s business isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s a must-have for people who are struggling with their anxiety levels more than ever before, suffering from depression and insomnia, have Covid or are living with long-Covid and brain fog.


For each of these situations, Kerry has a solution. “This isn’t just preventative healthcare anymore – it’s reparative healthcare,” she says. “We have nurses who will come to your home if you’re self-isolating, and a Covid unit that is treating Covid patients to help them with their energy levels, immune boosting, mental clarity and rehydration.”


For a sneak peak into the IV Bar and the various benefits of different vitamins, watch the full video here:

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