How Nomzamo Moalusi grew Imara Pallet Designs during Covid-19

Nomzamo Moalusi co-founded her pallet furniture rental business, Imara Pallet Designs, with her husband in 2017. The business not only survived the pandemic, but even gained loyal customers at a time when live events have been radically reduced thanks to these simple, yet powerful, lessons.


  1. Find a niche and make it your own

At the time, there weren’t many pallet furniture businesses in the market, Nomzamo identified a niche in which they could stand out as a unique, authentic African product in the outdoor eventing space. Imara Pallet Designs delivers quality pallet furniture that is beautifully designed and fun, colourful and comfortable, which has turned out to be a winning combination.


  1. Word-of-mouth referrals are powerful

Most of Nomzamo’s business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. She ensures that her service delivery is top-notch, always punctual and that the furniture she delivers is always clean and her customers are happy to share their experiences with others.


  1. Repeat business is the foundation of growth

Over and above referrals, Nomzamo has learnt to treat every job like it’s the most important event in the world, no matter how big or small. Give every customer your best. As she says, small events will often lead to big events if you do them right – which is exactly what happened during the pandemic.


  1. When you start growing, stick to your knitting

Many businesses diversify, but the best way for successful start-ups to grow is to expand in the area they know – and excel at. This is Nomzamo’s focus. She’s looking at all the different ways she can add value to outdoor events, and that’s where she’s focusing on growth.

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