Entrepreneurship is a long game for Contentual founder Tristan Schäfer

Although Contentual is a start-up, it’s a business that has been years in the making explains founding partner Tristan Schäfer.

His interest in filmmaking started at an early age, leading him to study at AFDA and spend some time in California, giving him exposure to the art both locally and internationally. He used his experience and knowledge to freelance for other production companies and agencies, but became frustrated with the disconnect that appeared to exist between the client and the company.

This pushed him to start his own entrepreneurial venture in the content creation space. As his knowledge of the commercial space evolved, so too did his business. And then came COVID-19, which forced him to evolve his business even further and led to the formation of Contentual.

“The pandemic pushed me to start something I had been planning for years,” says Tristan. The company marries technology and content creation to offer clients a different way to approach and plan content. It looks at a brand’s specific need and offers a year’s worth of content that includes design, video, photography, copywriting and the like. What was key for Tristan, was that Contentual offered a richness of content and delivered a good service that met the client’s unique business objectives.

Too often, says Tristan, entrepreneurs are after instant gratification. “Even after doing this for seven years, I feel like I’m at square one a lot of the time because I am constantly re-inventing, trying different things, trying to think about something I may have done for ages but in a different light that can provide more value.”

He’s learnt that doing small things each day can add up to the big wins later on. “Routine and systems are imperative to any entrepreneur because you get so flustered with everything. It’s about having quiet moments in the day when you can focus on working on the business as opposed to in it. That’s the most important thing,” says Tristan.

His message to other entrepreneurs? “Don’t give up on that dream you initially had. Keep soldiering on with whatever it might be. That dream will evolve, but the essence remains.”

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