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At Sasfin, our purpose is more than just a statement; it's a commitment. We are dedicated to supporting the growth of businesses in South Africa.

Transitioning from a small business to the mid-market segment can be a challenging journey, characterised by a unique set of hurdles. Financial management becomes more intricate, requiring a higher level of expertise to handle increased cash flows, budgets, and financial reporting. Business administration tasks multiply, demanding efficient systems and processes to maintain organisational agility. Importing goods from abroad introduces complexities like foreign exchange management, customs regulations, and supply chain intricacies. At Sasfin Trade and Debtor Finance, we understand these challenges and stand ready to help businesses overcome them. Our team offers tailored financial solutions to optimise cash flow and mitigate financial management obstacles. We streamline business administration with our expertise, enabling efficient operations. When it comes to importing goods, our knowledge of international trade and robust support structures ensure smooth and hassle-free transactions. By addressing these challenges head-on, we empower businesses to navigate the transition to the mid-market with confidence and success.

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Michael Latchigadu
Head: Trade & Debtor Finance, Sasfin Bank

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