Drop-Off Couriers’ philosophy is to have desire and be consistent

Drop-Off Couriers is a small door-to-door courier service targeting those businesses that don’t have the capital to deal with bigger courier companies. Their aim, and apparent success, is to make the process of moving packages and products simple and cost effective.

Ntombi says the plan is to ultimately become a fulfillment centre, where SMEs can store stock and Drop-Off Couriers will fulfill orders and dispatch items. She adds that they want to remain in the logistics space but traditionally a courier service has high expenses. This approach, she explains, will reduce expenses and offer a targeted service to a niche group of customers.

“We have seen many entrepreneurs fail because they don’t have a place to store stock, package it and dispatch it. With our service, these small businesses only have to worry about marketing themselves and we will take care of the rest,” she says.

Neo adds that having effective technology to automate processes is key to being successful. His advice to anyone thinking of launching their own business is to just get started, have loads of desire and be consistent!

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