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There’s a rule that differentiates great start-ups: do what doesn’t scale. Later, once a business is maturing and in a growth phase, this is no longer possible. Then the rule is all about duplicating what works to create a consistent customer experience. But at the beginning, being able to offer a product or service that is extremely difficult to replicate sets small businesses apart and drives incredible customer loyalty.

Danielle Frylinck, entrepreneur, small business owner, and self-confessed tea lady, marketing agent and everything else her business needs (as all great start-up owners are), understands this rule all too well.

Danielle launched Danielle Frylinck Design four years ago as an online fashion store, but soon opened a flagship store in Parkhurst to support a more personal customer experience. Visitors to the bespoke, order-to-fit store can browse local designers (Danielle only supports local), as well as Danielle’s own designs, and the in-house tailor, Andrews, will create the perfect fit based on the in-store designs that are available.

It’s a highly personalized experience and the result, Danielle shares, is customers who come as much for her clothes as a visit to the store.

After four years in business, Danielle also has some great lessons and insights to share:

Trust your gut: Don’t follow what everyone else is doing. Trust your gut and do what works for your business. You might still fail, but they will be your lessons and you’ll know you were doing what you thought was best for your brand.

Value your team: A business is nothing without them. As you grow, you’ll need a team that shares your value and loves walking the journey with you.

Be real and authentic: Not everyone will love who you are or what you do, but if you’re always authentic, you’ll grow a tribe who does, and that loyalty is priceless.

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