Celebrating Unity, Culture And The Springboks

Celebrating unity, culture, and the Springboks: Our 'First Thursday' rugby-themed event

We recently hosted a Rugby World Cup-themed First Thursday event as team Sasfin. The event was a fun and meaningful way to celebrate our unique company culture and pay homage to the sport that embodies greatness and partnership, values we hold dear. As we geared up for the 2023 Rugby World Cup, it was the perfect time to share our experiences and thoughts on how our culture parallels the spirit of rugby and what it takes to win together.

A celebration of unity and culture

Our company culture is something we deeply cherish. It's the glue that binds us, inspires us, and propels us forward. At the heart of this culture are four values that resonate not just in the corporate world but also on the rugby field: greatness, respect, integrity, and partnership.

As a group of individuals passionate about continuous improvement and striving to be the best versions of ourselves, just as the Springboks relentlessly pursue excellence in their sport, we too aim for greatness in everything we do. It's what makes us a close-knit community.

Celebrating the Springboks

We chose to infuse our celebration with the spirit of the Springboks. It was more than just a nod to our South African roots; it was a reminder that we, too, are a team that stands together in pursuit of excellence.

We donned our Springbok jerseys, waved our flags, and celebrated the unity of our nation. We cheered, laughed, and shared stories. It was a moment to recognise that, much like a rugby team, our diverse talents and perspectives make us stronger when we come together.

What it takes to win together

It is clear that success, whether on the field or in our daily endeavours, is a collective effort. Just as the Springboks epitomise unity, teamwork, and the pursuit of greatness, we too embody these principles.

As the Rugby World Cup unfolds, we will continue to take inspiration from the Springboks' relentless pursuit of champion status.

Here's to unity, culture, and the Springboks—may we continue to win together, on and off the field.

Relive the electrifying moments.

Relive the electrifying moments from an evening filled with camaraderie, laughter, and the vibrant colours of South African pride. Plus, watch our heartfelt messages to the Boks! #Sasfin #RWC2023 #StrongerTogether


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