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This webinar is one example of the challenges we have learnt to overcome (the distance between use) and illustrates that in every negative situation, one can find a positive – this one being that we would never have been able to reach as many clients as we did via the webinar and continue to reach via the sharing of the recording – what do I mean by this?  If we were hosting this session at a venue, Lara would only be able to share her story with those clients that could be physically present, but now as we embrace technology, we can reach people residing overseas.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we set about preparing a session to raise awareness about breast cancer. But, as we discussed what message we wanted to share it became evident that the lessons Lara learnt, through her cancer journey, were lessons and skill that increased her resilience when dealing with the challenges we all had to deal with during Covid-19 lockdown.

These lessons include:

  • the shock when receive the news,
  • dealing with isolation
  • learning how to accept and ask for help
  • and finding balance – many of us had to become teacher overnight, whilst we still had to continue to fulfil our other responsibilities.

And for this reason, we believe that Lara’s story is not only going to assist those individuals who have either been diagnosed with cancer or who have had a loved one living with cancer, but will be valuable and inspirations to all of us as we navigate our journey through life.  As the saying goes: “the only constant in life is change”  so how do we ensure that we have the skills that allow us to respond and be resilient to change and the obstacles that life throws at us?

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Charleen Rix
Head of Healthcare, Sasfin Wealth

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