Trust Your Gut With These Twiins

We’ve only recently started to understand just how powerful a healthy gut is in promoting a person’s overall health. Watch this video to gain insight into the TWIIN’s journey in an interview with Mark Sham in the Small Business Showcase.

Elisheva Gilbert

CMO and Head of Small Business,
Sasfin Holdings
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However, twins Tanya and Michelle realised this seven years ago when they went on their own health journey, starting to produce hand-crafted kombuchas, krauts, kimchi, and 100% pure Apple Cider Vinegar.


Twiins Ferments is a Johannesburg based gut-health powerhouse using traditional fermentation techniques, taking no shortcuts and adding no artificial ingredients whatsoever. In a COVID world where people are making their health a priority (and taking self-care more seriously), these uplifting and immune boosting products are what we all need more of.

You can support Twiins Ferments by:
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3. Telling your friends and family all about them.
Click below to watch Tanya and Michelle tell their story of discovery and determination.

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Elisheva Gilbert
CMO and Head of Small Business, Sasfin Holdings